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About us


Easywine was born from the idea of allowing tourists to visit the winery, the opportunity to deliver home the purchased wines, comfortably and in total autonomy. The high quality and management of the entire process, ranging from purchasing to packaging and from shipping to home delivery, are an integral part of our business model.

We offer our customers our decades of experience in the world of transport, also offering advice on the administrative and commercial regulations governing the transport of wine throughout the world; in this way we offer advantages both to the company, which has the possibility to expand its business, and to the end customer, who can taste and buy their favorite wines.

We are sure that only the combination of professionalism and competence can guarantee an experience without bad surprises, and we are the leaders of the sector.

“With EW you can count on a professional partner in shipping wine to Italy and the world, able to take care of your purchase from collection to delivery.”

EasyWine is the ideal solution both for the wine producer interested in developing their business outside national borders and for the restaurateur, for the owner of a wine shop abroad or simply for the tourist who, during his vacation, remains bewitched from the charm and goodness of the wine tasted and want to have it delivered comfortably at home.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we are able to ship wine to Italy, in  Europe and in the World*.

Easy Wine guarantees a 360° service that eliminates the tasks related to the whole shipping process:

  • collection on request
  • packaging with specialized techniques and materials
  • documentation management
  • handling of any customs formalities and taxes
  • provision of the most suitable express courier
  • shipment tracking to destination

Thanks to Easy Wine it is also possible to export wine for personal use also in the United States relying on a service that includes the complete management of customs charges, upon request, and notification of wine importation as requested by the Food and Drug Administration.

*For non-EEC countries, check in advance with the Easy Wine staff for procedures, times and limitations for wine shipments that may vary depending on the destination country.
For CEE countries Easy Wine does not manage the excise duty payment, which remains the responsibility of the customer.


Your experience with wine deserves the best possible packaging.

The Easy Wine specialist staff offers you its best experience and skills to give a professional packaging service that you can hardly find anywhere else.

The packaging techniques, the use of specialized materials and accuracy in the various packaging phases allow you to save time, money and drastically reduce the risks of breakages and to avoid subsequent problems.

Depending on the type of bottle and the quantity purchased, your products will be packaged with polystyrene wine cellars, with specific boxes for magnum bottles or arranged and protected with care on pallets for the largest quantities.